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Teknologi, material och leverantörer


The renowned Swiss company has now released on the market the Pure implant. Completely made in Zirconia is the implant that allows a complete reconstruction of a tooth without metal.


This Swiss Company produces implants that gained an high rate of affordability  due to the intrinsic mechanical precision, an high tech surface property and a Unique Connection design that allows high aesthetic  screw retained reconstructions, avoiding all the drawbacks linked to cemented reconstructions.

Especially designed for People who wants Metal-Free reconstruction and a natural approach to dental therapy. Warning: Due to its special characteristics this implant could be inserted only in sites with specific requirements.


This special cork-screw implant finds its indications in poor bone density sites and when a minor surgery is desired.

Due to its design it is possible to "compact"the bone in the maxillary area allowing the insertion of the implant limiting the surgical preparation of the bone, reducing the surgical trauma


From the inventor of oral implants, the High-Tech solution linked with the software Nobel Clinician that allows to replace missed teeth with immediate prosthetic solutions.
It is possible  with the "All on Four " and "All on Six" solutions to pass from complete dentures to fixed prosthesis.
Warning: these solutions are depending from the anatomical situation of the single patient.

Datorplanerad implantatkirurgi

Using two specific Softwares Nobel Clinician and 3Diemme it is possible to simulate over a CBCT data set the insertion of an implant in the safest way in the patient's mouth.

In fact it is possible to track the mandibular nerve and its distance from the insertion point of the implant avoiding injuries.

These Softwares allows the construction of Surgical Guides  to insert implants in a "Flapless" mode, reducing the surgical trauma

Parodontal regeneration

mer information kommer inom kort. Hemsidan är under uppbyggnad.

Socket preservation

mer information kommer inom kort. Hemsidan är under uppbyggnad.

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